Attack on Titan (2013)

I never got the “There Episodes Rule” of the anime community.  The “logic” behind this rule is that you should give a series three episodes  to see if it gets good, or worthy enough to continue. 

I personally believe that a show should be good and make a great impression on the first episode.  The first episode should at least have a few things in it that should match your taste so you don’t have to wait for a show to get good.

If I don’t think a show is good on the first episode, I ain’t gonna waste my time on the series.  I have way too many shows on my backlog to get through to worry about shows I’m gonna dropped of the first episode.

Pic related: Attack on Titan,  a show I wasted nine episodes on waiting for it to get good lol.


  1. I think the rule goes as follows: if the anime hasn’t hooked you in by the 3rd episodes it probably will never grab your interest.
    People who tend to use this rule usually watch every anime airing that season (thins out the list).
    Even within anime they joke about the 3 episode rule (big tonal changes can happen in the 3rd episode).

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    • I know. I think by the 3rd episode that’s when most of the key characters are introduced and the viewers have a general idea of the story. I’m just not used to it because prior to watching Attack on Titan, I dropped a series in one episode.
      (Example: I droppped K-On on episode 1 cuz none of the characters seemed interesting. Granted I may give it another chance because Kyoko Animation makes great shows)

      I gave Attack on Titan nine episodes to see if it gets good only to realized I should had just stuck with my one episode rule lol. As an slightly older person who works 38-40 hours a week plus side hustles and writing, I really don’t have much time to watch three episodes of an anime per season to see if it gets good.

      If I’m not pleased by it by the first episode it’s getting dropped and I’m moving on to the next anime.


      • By doing that you could miss out on a good anime like Madoka (that anime practicality start at episode 3).
        T_o I understand the rule however, there are load of exceptions to the rule (you can tell a lot about a show from the first episode).

        Kyoko Animation torturer challenge: can you survive the endless 8! haruhi suzumiya season 2; 8 episodes of the same episode (no joke).

        Some people just have too much time on there hands.

        I did 40 hours a week last year (I feel your pain).

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      • Lol I know but I’m pretty strict about going on a series if I didn’t find the first episode good.

        And oh god Endless Eights. I haven’t watched that season but holy hell I heard it pissed a lotta people off.
        40 hours a week. Man the money is good but it leaves me with little time for my projects lol

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  2. While I try three episodes, some shows convince me in episode 1 that they just aren’t worth my time. Others I watch far longer before I concede they just aren’t going to get any better. I don’t know that three episodes is a rule so much as a guideline as generally three episodes is about a 25% of the show so if it still kind of sucks it’s probably time to give up.

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    • Pretty much how I see it in a sense. Even before I got hip to the guideline I was always dropping shows that I didn’t like off one episode.

      Yea I can’t see how people can continue to watch a show if it sucks after 3 episodes lol


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