Do you want to know about the scariest ghoul that haunts all men?
A ghoul so frightful that even the non-superstitious believe in him.
He is not a character that you’ll find in children books.
Nor in books of the horror genre that adults love to read for cheap spooks.
Yet, adults seem to be more afraid of this ghoul than children.
So, who is this scary ghoul that haunts and terrorizes all?
Regret is the scariest ghoul known to men.
It lingers in the hearts of all who have the misfortune of meeting him.
He greets us every day with the everlasting thoughts of “what could have been”
He loves to give us chilling reminders of things we should have done back then.
Taunting us with options long since passed.
And of dreams and ideas that were denied the precious gift of reality.
Regret is the scariest ghoul known to men
The ghoul of regret is that of cruelty.
He loves it when we are in deep reflection,
of actions, we should have taken.
And of choices, we should have gone with instead.
For him, that’s the perfect time to speak to us.
“Remember that time you asked that cute girl out? Me neither”.
“Weren’t you supposed to take that language class? That’s right, you’ll do it tomorrow.”
“How those piano tutorials going? Oh, my bad. You gave up on that idea.”
“When you gonna ever leave that boring job? Never.”
He finds joy in belittling our lack of action and courage.

Regret is the scariest ghoul known to men.

Chants. Spells. Prayers. Talismans.
Neither mantras nor magic will destroy this ghoul.
Good luck trying; you’ll spend your life dealing with him.
It’s so funny how we think about with regrets.
So much that regret becomes a natural part of our lives.
Maybe if you take action now, the ghoul of regret will leave you alone.
He doesn’t like to haunt the go-getter types.
The ones who don’t play around and get things done.
And achieve dreams.
But most humans aren’t like that.
So the ghoul of regrets has infinite amount of people to haunt.
Isn’t that truly horrifying?

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