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If You Like Kakegurui Then Check Out “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Investing and stock trading is akin to gambling. Like placing all your chips into a single gamble in high hopes of winning, putting your money into an investment or stocks can mean triumph victory. You will be rewarded with massive capital gains. However, gamble and invest wrong, and you’ll end up with a crippling defeat – losing all of your hard earn money. In order to win big in both gambling and investing, you must learn how to analyze, read, and plan in around moves of your opponent and trends. Investing – and winning  – provides the ultimate thrill. Investing, gambling, and money are all powerful, addicting drugs.

Infamous stockbrocker and fraudster Jordan Belfort show us how exciting and dangerous the drug of money can be in The Wolf of Wall Street.


Similar to how the villainous student council members of Kakegurui cheated to win, Jordan Belfort uses manipulative tactics to earn capital with his stock trading and investment schemes through penny-stocks scams and pump and dump moves.  His suckers victims do not know any better.  They’re chasing money in high hopes of getting rich fast, and Belfort takes full advantage of their stupidity.  Kinda like how Mary had high hopes of escaping debt through gambling with Yuriko’s  Life or Death game — only to end up in more debt.


As Belfort wins and wins, we see his fruits of his victories such as his business growing, wild parties at his office, and his yacht.  Yet, his greed became his downfall.  Jordan is placed under investigating by the FBI for his fraudulent schemes.  Eventually, a federal case is built against him and he loses everything.

If you enjoy the wild gambles of Kakegurui and how horrible the cheaters of the series did their thing, then check out The Wolf on Wall Street.


(Disclaimer: Do not attempt to emulate what Belfort did in the movie and real life. You will be sent to federal prison or possibly shot.)

I hope you enjoy this recommendation!  I’ll be doing more of these for the Facebook group Kakegurui FanClub. If you want to connect and network with fellow gambling addicts and  desire to debate against them on who’s the best girl (spoilers: it’s Ririka) is, then please join us!