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Follow My Social Media Accounts!

Hey guys!  I’m going to be busy working on my Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni analysis as well as other work for the few days, so I won’t be on here.  I am pretty active on my social media accounts so if you want to keep up with what I’m doing and check on my progress for my projects, then followed me on these social media platforms:

My Facebook Page:
Yuki The Snowman

My Facebook page for the blog.  The most active of my social media pages.  I share lots of memes, fun anime related facts, fanart, and misc. shit here.  I am also rather blunt and unfiltered here. Ignore that 1-star rating I was super drunk when I wrote that against myself.




I post  cool otaku and weeaboo pictures here as well as screencaps of my blogpost for self-promotion.

It’s like my Facebook but 140 character limits for my shitposting and rants.

I hate tumblr but it’s useful for self-promotion and pissing off the overly sensitive nerds there.


“Personal’” Facebook:
Yuki Benji

The “CEO at Yuki The Snowman ENT” makes me sound official.

If you have social media for your blog please feel free to comment them below and I’ll make sure to block you ASAP.