The infamous Goku vs. Beerus fight scene from Dragon Ball Super Ep. 5 (2015)

Anime fans heard this before: “This anime had a lot of budget so that’s why it looks good”.

People like to say this goofy shit: “The anime ran out of budget towards the end, that’s why it looks bad.”

The myth of budget influencing anime quality  is bullshit.   The human mind and creativity is not limited to money. Cash doesn’t give you better or worse valve in production.

Budget is used for hiring manpower, directors, and producers. A higher budget brings in the top leading and seasoned forces of the anime industry. That’s it.  Budget does not determine quality.

So if budget doesn’t influence the quality of an anime then what does make or break it?

The answer: Time and talent.

Anime: One Punch Man. Highly praised for its quality animation (2015)

Time can be an enemy or an ally of a production company.  Say Toei Animation (a large animation company) only has four weeks and a less manpower to complete an episode of Dragon Ball Super (DBS)  before the air date.  Now compared that to  One Piece (OP) having a month and more manpower to complete an episode.

Dragon Ball Super is going to have garbage quality due to the lack of time and manpower.  One Piece will look  better because there was more time and people to work on that episode.

Talent varies from person to person.  A more talented mother fucker will bring in more quality for the show.  A lesser talent brings down the quality of the show.  In short: High talent + more time = Better production.  Low talent + less time = garbage quality.

We can compare the quality of an anime series to a restaurant.

A quality meal at a restaurant is dependent on the skills of the cook and how much time they have to make your food.  If you go to Taco Bell, you’re going to have less quality in food production because it’s fast food. That worker being paid $7.50/hr or $15/hr to make your fake ass tacos won’t make a difference.  They’re limited to time.  Remember that less time means less quality.

Besides, that shit  is garbage to your body regardless.

A real Mexican restaurant will  valve higher quality in food production because they can afford to have extra time high talent (plus the food is better overall). The workers know what they’re doing and have the skills to back it up.

Anime production works like that.  Honestly, it’s stupid to think cash will have an impact on the the show.  Animators are underpaid in Japan.  It’s for real goofy to think that a show will become great or terrible because of the misconception that cash makes you better at your craft.  Your mind, your time, and your dedication means quality.

Budget having an effect on quality is bullshit.  You can give everyone on the production team a six-figure salary.  That doesn’t mean you’ll get a better product.  Time and talent dictates value.   More time and better talents gives us quality. Cash does rule everything around us yes but cash doesn’t improve skillsets or talent.



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