Yooo so I need some help! 

I’m currently  working on my next major writing project on the narrative themes of Sailor Moon S. I’m stuck on figuring out the messiah theme in Sailor Moon S/Infinity.  

I’m confused on who was considered to be the true Messiah: Saturn, who is the Messiah of Silence (who also did saved the world at the cost of her life) or Sailor Moon, who was the fabled Messiah Uranus and Neptune spoke of throughout the arc.

Thanks ya!!


  1. It’s fitting how I stumbled into your blog: I was googling pics of Sailor Saturn for some drawing inspiration. Because she’s totally my waifu too, has been since I was ten.

    And it turns out I love your writing! You’re articulate, raise some good points AND you’re pretty funny. “Same shit, different toilet” I’m stealing this and using it every day. I’m sure people who know me will be delighted.

    Keep up the good work!

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