‘And if  I die, let it be
But when it come for me, Bury me a G’

-Tupac – Bury Me A G

Yusuke_in_car_accident (1).png

Yusuke Urameshi lived and died like a G.  He committed the most selfless act that anyone human could done – sacrificing his life to save a child, a truly gangsta act indeed. Even his Principal, Takanaka (who didn’t have the best history with Yusuke), was surprise  and moved by his late student’s  out-of-character action. Yusuke (who was watching his own wake in spirit form) himself was equally surprised by Takanaka respect.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

At that moment of realization (from seeing his friend Keiko, rival Kurabawa, and his mother grieving his death)  Yusuke discovered that people gave a damn about him – despite believing otherwise.  People whom he assumed  were happy at his death were reacting on  the contrary.

What make Yusuke’s  Wake sorrowful are the raw emotions felt by people he touched  and encountered in his life.  Yes, Yusuke was a street punk.  Yes, Yusuke gave people isssues.  However, at the end of the day, Yusuke, and his presence, made an impact on their lives.


“Yusuke….Yusuke…No! Yusukeeeee!”
A friend’s grief.
“Who am I gonna fight now? You’re supposed to be here…for me.”
A rival’s pain.

“Yusuke I don’t know why I don’t feel like speaking well of you.  Why didn’t you stay? You could had made something out of your life!”
A hardass principal’s respect.

“Mommy, do you think it’ll be okay if I play with that boy tomorrow?  I don’t know why those people were crying like that, it was probably because they wanted to play with him too.”

A child’s innocence.

Each one’s grief.  The pain of loss.  This is what makes Yusuke’s Wake the most saddest scene in anime for me.

Thanks for reading ya’ll!  I’m currently in Chicago, IL (in the Rosemont area )for the anime convention Anime Midwest.  If you see me feel free to tell me how much my work has impacted your life.  My ego needs feeding.

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