Reigen Arataka of Mob Pyscho 100 is truly a supportive character.   Throughout the series, he offers and lends his advice and knowledge to Mob, helping him grow into a better person both in terms of his powers and overal life. He’s like a life coach.  A life coach who scams people using his gift of the silver tongue, but a life coach regardless.


While he  has no qualms or guilt about scamming others with his bullshit “psychic” business , he isn’t a terrible person.  In fact, he’s rather a very caring and kind person, as we see  with his interactions with Mob.   Reigen helps the introvert Mob interact with people,  lending an ear to his problems,  and help him come to grips with his extraordinary ESP powers; suggesting that he uses his powers to help others and himself.

Reigan even risked his life for Mob; taking a “fatal” sword strike from Scar member Sakurai – but not before telling Mob not to give in to the murderous intent and vengeful feelings from watching his friends being hurt (he does not want Mob to live a life of regret).


As an adult who may have used my own silver tongue as a dirty method to get my way   too use my knowledge and charm to help others, I like Reigen.  I see parallels of his personality with my own: the willingness of helping others through solid advice, a caring heart, speaking the real, blunt truth, and somebody who wants to see people do better in their lives (and tricking stupid people and taking advantage of their oblivious nature).  In addition, Reigen is the only adult supporting character in the series, so that’s a bonus. I would love to be a mentor to the next generation and guide them through life like he does with Mob and his friends.


Reigan is truly a supportive character.  Yea, he might be a bit of a scam artist who swindles folks out of their cash with straight up lies, but he’s not a bad person. He legitimately wants to help people in need as well as seeing the best out of Mob.


Reigan, you’re an alright guy!


‘Why do you have to be like them?  You’re the protagonist of your own life, aren’t you?’

-Reigan to Mob.

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