I wish Dragon Ball  and Sailor Moon never ended.

Now, that’s something I’d say back in 2007.  Today, both shows are back on the air: with Dragon Ball with Dragon Ball Super and Sailor Moon with  Sailor Moon Crystal.

Go me and reliving my carefree childhood!

To be real with you guys;there aren’t any anime that I wished never ended.  Yea I mean, it suck that some shows ended abruptly(say Elfen Lied) or due to studio carelessness and lack of interest (think Studio DEEN with their terrible adaption of  Umineko no Naku Koro ni). If an anime ended, it just means that.  Just gotta deal with it.  Move on and watch new shows to enjoy.

Okay maybe the Umineko anime being a failure wasn’t a bad thing.

If the finished (or canceled) anime you enjoy has an currently running manga, or other form of media (gaming, visual novel, etc.), then give the different media a try.  Join an online forum full with fans of the series you enjoy and talk to them about how much joy it brought you.

To end, are there any shows that I wish never ended?  Nah. Not really.  Sometimes, some series get rebooted or continued through a new entry.  Some might end forever.  Others may continue on through other media, or the source material is still active.   And finally, you just simply have to move on to other anime.

(…okay so I kinda wish The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya kept going.)

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