I have a bit of a big ego.
I shouldn’t talk about it, I know.
But,  can you hear me out.
I tell you what’s my ego is about.

They say ego is the enemy.
I don’t see how that can be.
I say that my big ego is my ally.
Do you wanna know why?

My big ego helps me get out of bed.
At times where I rather just be dead.
My big ego helps me face the relentless dread.
Just so I can simply get ahead.
In this game we call life.

What’s wrong with being egotistical.
Having high-self-esteem, it seems logical.
To get to places I need to go.
It seems to bother people through.
When you’re proud of your ego.
In my field, I gotta be the best.
To stand out from the average rest.
Having a big ego works well for that  no less.
Stay humble?  Miss me with that nonsense.

I’ve been humble for far too long.
It doesn’t get you anything but step on
My ego refuses it.
I must show the world my greatness.

And that’s why I’m egotistical

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