If an anime has to warn you to not copy anything you see from it, you know it’s going to be great!



Cromartie High School  is a 2003 nonsense comedy anime from studio Production I.G.’s 2003, based off Eiji Nonaka’s comedy manga of the same name.  The series centers around Takashi Kamiyama (a well manner mommy’s boy student) and Cromartie High’s  colorful slew of teenage delinquents and their everyday life (characters includes: the “mute” singer Freedie, [parody of the  Queen’s frontman Freedie Mercury], Mechazawa; an android whom everyone sans Takashi thinks he’s a  normal human student, and a giant unnamed ape who cooks sushi.

freddie (1).jpg


Admittedly, it’s has been quiet a while since I last saw this series, and I can not recall most of the episodes due to I was under the influence of a few substance watching it at a friend’s studio apartment years back.   While you do not need alcohol or pot to enjoy this show, I will say it makes for a great stoner anime show with its nonsense humor.

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