Watashi ga Motenai no wa fuck this long ass  title (lit. No Matter How I Look at It, It’s Your Fault I’m Not Popular) is Studio Silver Link’s 2013 animated adaption of the same long ass titled manga by mangka Nico Tanigawa.  It stars Tomoko Kuroki; a socially awkward, unpopular fujoshi (female otaku [lit. rotten girl]) loner who loves spending time browsing (and shitposting) on the internet , playing  eroge visual novels, hating her life, and hating on people doing better than her.

You see, Tomoko hates people.  Well, popular people. This is ironic, given her drive to become popular.

No you won’t.

Tomoko considers herself to be superior compared to her normies peers, thus  she believes that  she’s entitled to have popularity.  She demands it…but she applies minimal effort towards gaining it.  She  blames others for her failures and lack of popularity.  Throughout the series, Tomoko tries different (cringe worthy) methods to become popular.  She tries to act like the cool silent character in fiction. Doesn’t work. She thinks  playing hentai games will make her look cute.  It only makes her a pervert. She even uses a vacuum cleaner to to give herself hickeys to impress her little cousin.  That only results in her mom slapping her across her face.

If you mom ever gave you this look you knew  what was going to happen next.

All her attempts of popularity end in failure.  The only thing it does for her is increase her depression.  Speaking of mental health disorders, Tomoko clearly suffers from anxiety, which hinders her quest for popularity.


Now, I don’t have social anxiety myself.  I can’t imagine how crippling such a disorder is. However, you can tell that Tomoko suffers from it.  Simple things ,such as ordering food or buying a book, is an ordeal for the young girl.  Even muttering a simple “goodbye” to a teacher takes a lot for Tomoko.  Maybe her yearning to become popular is a way to overcome her social anxiety, but her mental health is blocks her from holding even the simplest conversation.

Even saying a simple “goodbye” is a milestone for her

Perhaps, it’s anxiety’s fault that she isn’t popular.

‘I’m the best at playing alone, playing alone, playing alone
Who, who, who, who, who is at fault? (Who is at fault?)
Lonely, lonely, I laugh alone
What… it’s not my fault!’

-No Matter How I Look at It, It’s not My Fault (Watamote ED 1)


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