‘Real niggas do what they wanna do, bitch niggas do what they can.’

Ken Kubo of Gainax’s  1991 animated/live-action comedy-documentary  “Otaku no Video” is someone who otaku can relate to.  He’s otaku and proud – and wants the world to know.  He’s passionate about otaku culture.  So passionate in fact, he  winds up quitting tennis, drops out of college, and becomes a full pledge, full time otaku with best friend Tanaka.  After being dumped by his girlfriend Yoshiko, being belittled by normies for his passion, and unsuccessful job hunts, he declares that he’ll become a total otaku.  He yearns to be not just a total otaku, but the ultimate otaku – The Otaking.  Inspired by Ken’s declaration, Tanaka too quits job hunting and joins him on the quest to achieving their dreams.


오타쿠의 비디오1982 Graffiti Of Otaku Generation.avi


The two start a figurine production company from Tanaka’s house.  Day and night non-stop, the two stay on their  grind, selling garage kits to fellow otaku.  Overtime, their small two-man company grew from a small business  into a giant multi-million company, becoming the leading company for figurine production.  Not happy with just owning a big business, Ken envisions  a theme park for otaku, by otaku – Otakuland.


Ken thinks and dreams big. He  wins big, no matter what.   Even after losin his  company to  greedy bankers, Ken doens’t give up and thinks of winning again. He bounces back from rock bottom, and starts  grind the  all over again. he builds himself up agian and obtain massive success beyond his initial success off his figurine company.  After finding an animation studio and creating an anime series that took the world by storm,    Ken not only brought back his old company, but  becomes the most richest and successful man in history – thanks to his passion.

Ken’s journey to the top as an otkau and businessman inspires me greatly.  As otakus, we are often criticized and ridicule for our passion.  We’re told to grow up, stop watching cartoons, or whatever bullshit people pull out their ass who don’t understand our love for anime.  But we don’t let that shit get to us.  We don’t change just to be accepted by those who don’t get us. Instead, we keep and stay to our otaku roots and raise above the naysayers, like Ken himself.

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