25 Days of Blogging: It’s like the 25 Days of Christmas, but without the cheesiness, horrible family members coming to visit you, and dealing with soul crushing holiday depression. 

Day 1: The Type of Isekai  I Want To See


Throughout life, people will offer you this horrible piece of advice: “Be yourself”.  Why is that?  Because, apparently, being yourself somehow gets you everything you want in this world.  People will treat you with respect if you’re just being yourself.  You can make a lot of friends being you.  If you just be yourself ,somehow everything else will fall into place for you.

I’m going to tell you something that is the opposite of what your parents, peers, and teachers taught you: Never be yourself.  Being yourself can set you up for failure.

Example: Let’s say, naturally, you’re a nice person. You’re kind and sweet to everyone, never wanting to rock the boat or step on the toes of others.  You go through life with your head down; never making a scene and avoiding conflict.  That can be amazing until people see that you’re a pushover whom can be taken advantage of.  Somebody ask you to do something that you know you don’t want to. Yet, because you’re too much of a cowardly bitch to say no, you agree to it. Now, you’re filled with regret.

Can’t be nice all the damn time – it doesn’t get you far in life.

Not a nice person but you have a backbone?  That’s awesome.  I respect people who make sure others don’t come after for them and won’t take advantage of them.  I have high levels of appreciation for those who stand strong and plant their feet on the ground against others.   You may even have an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and that’s perfect…for some situation.  Having a no fucks given attitude can either hurt or help you.  Having a no fucks given attitude towards not landing a job after an interview can help you not give up on future job interviews because you don’t fear rejection.

Showing up to work smelling like weed and alcohol because you don’t give a fuck about your job anymore will hurt you: because now you’re unemployed, the lights of your house got shut off, and the dude who fronted you that eighth of loud has been blowing up your phone for the past week asking for the money (that you don’t have any more because you don’t have a job)

Being you isn’t always the best course of action.  Just because you love wearing your Pikachu shirt in public to express how much you haven’t grown up you love anime and video games doesn’t mean you should wear that shit to a professional setting  such as a business conference or meeting (remember: people will judge you based off appearance).  On the opposite side, being all about business and work will turn others off.  It’s okay to have a hobby such as Pokemon if you’re a businessman.

You may be wondering what you should do instead of being yourself?
What you should do instead is be the best version of yourself, which I will cover tomorrow.

Until next time,
-Yuki The Snowman


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  1. Yeah. This is some feel-good thoughtless advice that we’ve all heard before. It only works for good-natured people with natural charisma and strong sense of self, which is not most of us. The rest of us have to conform at least somewhat and get by. If someone wants to go 100% full weeb out in society with their Madoka body pillow they can go for it, but they’ll have to accept the social consequences of that.

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